Friday, May 9, 2008

Blog Comments 5.

Blog comments on Core77: One Day Paper Waste Furniture by Jens Praet

This is so cool! This guy takes wasted, shredded paper, and mixes them with resin to make furniture. The end result is as sturdy as a piece of wooden furniture. So much paper goes to waste every day being shredded by everyone from big corporations to average people shredding their credit bills. This is an interesting, functional, and aesthetically kind of cool way to recycle this not-so-obvious building material. I find this to be innovative and exciting. And I think it would be interesting to use these pieces of furniture as the inspiration piece to design a room. The little snippets of text still legible would make for quite the conversation piece as a coffee table, people could sit around it and discuss what the documents may have once been. It is something non-traditional but still functional, and a very innovative piece of design.

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