Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Slideshow lecture on Design Vocab...will be on final!

why is design important?
design is an indication of a confident society.

Charles & Rae Eames: Designers who were active in 50's-70's.
-exhibition about American culture done in Moscow during Soviet-American hostilities.
-many say this was one of the factors of the end of the cold war...USSR saw America as interesting

Steve Jobs (Founder & CEO of Apple)
"In most people's minds, design means veneer. (But in my mind) design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in the outer layers if the product or service."

The greater the penetration of design, the stronger the company.
(companies like Nike, Apple)

Design articulates a country's "question."
-The European question:
"Is everyone (a little bit) happy?"
-The American question:
"What's next?" (less cautious, more risks, more exuberance)

What is the difference between art and design?

(Tom's) Design Principles
a mixture of factual and poetic
connotation: suggestion, abstraction

The best design is:
-understandable (different from art)

"Design is desire disguised as function."
(things like iphone, etc)

Anticipate developments by tracking contemporary art.
Understand the "bio-metaphorical" bias of your era.

Why is the network important for the designer?
-Find creative partners
-Find new work opportunities/clients
-Build a "brain trust" (for short term answers and long term planning)
-stimulates new thoughts + learning ("fun")
*community websites
*MoSoSo (mobile social software)

Parellel development: "Peer-production"
-cost of entry = almost nothing

(Thew New Design)
Experience Design:
-designers not just desgning isolated graphic elements but "touch points" (all instances where customers have contact with a company)

"Novelty is erotic."
-Jean Nouvel
"The profound stillness of gazing"
-Johannes Itten

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